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Legal Statement


Please be sure to read the following terms carefully before using this site.
By using this site will indicates that you have known and accepted these terms. 
Please do not use this site when you do not accept these terms.


1. Use the site

All the contents and editing forms which contain in the Site of Shenzhen TVT Digital Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to "site") are protected by copyright law and other laws. All the copyrights are owned by Shenzhen TVT Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to "TVT Digital") ,except the contents which to be annotated reference from other parties. you should respected and legitimate to the copyright and other Proprietary notices when using .If site without the right declaration, it does not mean that site does not enjoy its rights, nor does it mean that site does not claim the right , you should legitimate to use the content under the principle of good faith.


You should not use any content of this site in any way of modify, copy, publicly display, publication, distribution, sales, broadcast, connect or send as hyperlink, load to other servers by "mirror image" , store in information retrieval system ,or the use of any other commercial purposes, except the download or printing which based on non-commercial purpose, personal using ( Prerequisite is the content should not to be modified, and the relavent copyright or other proprietary rights should be reserved). The purpose that use the content of this site in any other website, print media or network computer environment is prohibited. Any unauthorized action to use this site may treat as a violation to the copyright and other legal rights.


The trademarks, service marks and logos (hereinafter referred to "Trademarks") which are used and displayed in this site or related linked sites are the registered and unregistered trademarks of TVT digital and other rights holders . The actions that you use or contact any content of the site can not be construed as granting you any right to use the trademark. Without prior written permission, you should not use the TVT Digital’s trademarks by any ways.


If you violate or do not accept the agreement, the authority of use this site will be terminated automatically, and you should destroy the downloaded or printed content which from this site immediately .


2. Information dissemination

The information on this site is provided without any form of guarantee, including the ownership guarantee, non-infringe the third party’s rights guarantee, merchantability guarantee, suitable for particular purpose guarantee, without computer viruses or non-infringement of intellectual property guarantee. TVT Digital also does not make guarantee to the accuracy, adequacy, reliability and integrity of the information on site .The information of the site or products(including software), services, prices and configurations of may be changed without notice.The information of this site might has expired and TVT Digtal does not makes commitment to update it in a timely manner. For Internet with two features: international or borderless, The information of this site also to be shown as international.If you can not get the product or service which published on this site , you could contact our TVT Digital regional sales or agents in your local about the product or service that provide in your country. If there is an explicitly prohibit or limit the exclusion of implied warranties in applicable legal, then this kind of exclusion terms may not apply to you.


In order to provide relevant information ,we show products or services which is not belong to TVT Digital on site , this actions does not mean we endorse or recommend these products and services.


TVT Digtial does not make any statement, warranty or endorsement to the product ,service or information which is to be showed on site,all the products and services should be restrained by the sales contracts and terms of TVT Digital.


3. Submitted material of users

TVT Digital fully respect users’ privacy, and spared no effort to protect users’ personal information. Generally speaking, user does not need to provide any personal information when browse the site. If user voluntarily fill out registration or subscribe electronic information with personal information for the specific purposes,such as: name, gender, types of documents and identification number, date of birth, country, e-mail address, telephone, contact address and ZIP code, the service that user want, personal favorite things,customer code etc...,that will indicate that user has understood and accepted TVT Digital to use your personal information for this specific purposes.


TVT Digital commit the users’ personal information will not be sold in any time or under any circumstances , we will only use the users’ personal information under the clause permitted by law. However,TVT Digital may provide some of users’ personal information to law departments or government in accordance with the requirements of these departments.When TVT digital think it is necessary to use users’ personal information to protect itself, its customers or the public,then TVT Digital could disclose some of users’personal information within the range as small as possible. user should has been foreseen and agreed to the occurrence of this situation when provide personal information .


The materials, information or contact (hereinafter referred to "Information") that user send to site will be considered as non-confidential and non-proprietary, except user’s personal information.TVT Digital will not undertake any obligation to these Information.The submission without specifical statement will be regarded as consent (or authorization): TVT Digital and its authorized person could free to copy, disclose, distribute, incorporate and other ways to use these information and all the data, images, sounds, text and other content under the purpose of commercial or non-commercial.


User must not violate the laws ,regulations and public morals when use the site .Sending any unlawful, threatening, defamatory, insulting, libelous, obscene, pornographic, threatening the national security or public safety or other potentially illegal material from this site is prohibited. If people warning or object to the information with confirmed evidence, our site will delete this kind of information freely or unlimited prohibit this kind of information to be online browsed without a prior notice .In the case is serious, our site can take measures to cancel the user.


4. Download software of the site

User should comply with all the terms in software license agreement when download and use the software from the site.
Before reading and accepting all the terms of software license agreement, user shall not download or install the software. If the software have been banned copy or redistribution in applicable terms or agreements, you should follow this implementation.


5.  Limitation of Liability

TVT Digital, TVT Digital’s suppliers ,and the third party which mentioned in site have no liability for any damage (includ but not limit to the loss of profits, the loss of data, indirect loss, consequential loss or business interruption caused by damage on any reasons), No matter such damage is due to the result of use or unable to use the site ,any sites linked to the site, or any of the information contained in such sites caused, and regardless whether they have warranty, contract, tort ,any other legal basis,or has been advised of such damage may occur in advance.If users’ equipment or data should be maintenanced, repaired or corrected which caused by use the information from our site, users should take on all the resultant costs by themselves.


TVT Digital will not have responsible to following instances:

(1) the information transmission is not initiated by the network service provider(TVT Digital or its authorized person;

(2) information transmission, routing, connection and storage is achieved through the necessary automatic technical process ,without selected by network service provider ;

(3) The network service provider does not select the provider and the recipient of such information,only automatically response to requirements of others.

(4) Under normal circumstance,The copy which formed by the system of network service provider or network intermediary or temporary storage are not obtained by some others than the intended recipient, the retention time are also no longer than the reasonable time of the recipients obtain the information,provide transmission, routing, or connection.

(5) The information content which transferred by system or network are still intact.

If the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages are not allowed in applicable law,then these limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.


6.  The general principles

TVT Digital may modify these terms freely. User should visit this page frequently to learn the current terms due to these terms are related to user closely.Some prvision of these terms may be replaced by the expressly designated legal notices or terms which show in some page of our site, you should be aware of these, once you accept these terms, which means you have read and accepted these referenced or replaced terms.


7. Disputes caused by this announcement or this site will apply to the laws of People’s Republic of China.


8. The rights of interpretation to this statement and the site are belong to Shenzhen TVT Digital Technology Co., Ltd.


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